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    Orange County Rat Removal

    Orange County Rat Removal:
    Right Way Animal Control and Removal is an professional Rat Removal company located in Orange County, California and services the area for problems relating to control of Rats and Rat colonies.

    We are experts in Rat removal in Orange County, California. Our list of services also includes Wildlife Management, Animal Control, Animal Removal and Cleaning and Repairs for Residential, Industrial and Commercial Properties relating to any wildlife in the Orange County, California metro area. Don't let the rats of Orange County take over your home, Give us a call today!!

    Right Way Animal Control and Removal specializes in Wildlife Control and Management including Rat Removal, Rat Control, Rat Exclusion, Bird Removal, Squirrel Removal, Raccoon Removal, Skunk Removal and Snake Removal. We remove household pests in a humane manor and will clean up the mess they may have left behind and repair any damage these pests have caused to your home.

    Right Way Animal Control and Removal is a full-service animal control company that will assist you with problems caused by Rats, Squirrels, Raccoons, Snakes, Birds, Fox, Skunks, Deer, Geese, Groundhogs, Opossums, Rabbits, Chipmunks and more. We love a challenge so give us a call. Our experience in the greater Orange County, California area includes Orange County wildlife management, skunk removal, raccoon control, snake removal, animal control, Orange County pest control, Orange County animal trapping, Orange County snake removal, bat removal, critter removal, animal control, Orange County Guano clean up, Orange County Rat colony displacement and Orange County Rat removal.

    Some facts about Rats:

    Orange County Rat Removal serves a humid subtropical climate, with mild weather during winters and hot weather during summers. High temperatures average 64 to 91 F throughout the year.

    With these climate conditions in Orange County, California, Rat Removal is common for many nuisance rats such as the the Norway Rat, also known as The Brown Rat, The Roof Rat, The Black Rat, Ship Rat, Fruit Rat and Citrus Rat.

    Rat Removal is commonly associated with urban areas. They are everywhere they can find food and shelter. Rats look larger than they actually are as they can squeeze through a half inch crack or a tiny hole about the size of a quarter.

    Many rats eat many different types of foods such as insects, discarded meat, bird eggs, spilled seed, pet food, and almost every type of food in your home. Their feces droppings and urine can contaminate everywhere they go.

    Rat Removal is a solution to eliminate rats from your Orange County home or business. Rats can also be carriers of many diseases. A rat bite to humans are common to more than fifteen thousand people each year. Rats are primarily nocturnal. Rat Removal is an urgent matter as they can breed large populations of babies.

    How Do I get rid of Rats? Easy, have a licensed wildlife removal specialist in Orange County come in a remove it for you, Rats can be very aggressive creatures and are a very common carrier of Rabies. Only an experienced person with the right equipment should attempt to perform a Rat extraction. The odds of being bitten are very high.

    Some interesting Facts about Rat Damage:

    • Most damage comes from the Rats entering a attic of a Orange County home.
    • They damage Insulation, Duct Work, sheetrock, wiring and other house components.
    • Rats that are defending their homes can kill house hold pets, even dogs and cats, in order to protect their young.

    A qualified Rat Removal Company should offer:

  • Rat Removal and Rat Control location and assessment
  • Guaranteed Rat Removal
  • Pinpointing entry points and the problems they may cause
  • Guaranteed Rat Exclusion
  • Sealing potential openings with wire screening and/or caulking
  • All Rat removal sealing materials constructed of high quality materials
  • Our trained Rat Removal technicians remove Rats and their nests and prevent stress or injury to them. This is also a practical and economical approach. Inhumane killing for Rat Removal is illegal in Orange County and in most other areas of the country. Removing breeding Rats may leave the babies to die in your building, attracting bugs and parasites, causing further health risks. The removal of Rat carcasses is a time consuming, costly and unnecessary process.

    We also offer commercial Rat removal, Rat Proofing, Rat Trapping and other commercial Rat Removal products and their installation. Rat removal can be a quick and painless process if you call us today at (213) 233-9441.

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